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The highest level of service that we offer. Customized for a brand new grow operation or takeover, Surreal Yields provides all of the guidance and resources needed for an A-Z, ground-up buildout. Complete facility setup is streamlined through our broad network of experts, and we will set you up for success in the future with optimum functionality and maintenance solutions created specifically for your operation. We are here to provide support along every step of the way from initial layout designs, to harvesting your first crop, to making sure your yields remain on an upward trajectory. 


Permit requirements and consultation

   ▪ Guidance on submittal process to city and state (assistance with paperwork and process to secure needed
      permits for building)

   ▪ Must already have proof of cannabis license


New Cultivation Facility A-Z Setup

   ▪ Complete facility set-up through Surreal Yields’ broad network of experts and trusted contractors

      - Architectural

      - MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing)

      - Lighting Systems - Watering/feeding systems

      - HVAC

      - Humidity control

      - Advanced automation

      - Training on METRIX for state reporting


Design functionality and maintenance solutions

   ▪ Use latest techniques and equipment

   ▪ Define, develop, and implement strong cannabis SOPs 


Facility Takeover Plan - Comprehensive review of an established or emerging grow facility

   ▪ Run a full facility analysis

      - Get to know staff & the positions they hold

      - Review day-to-day procedures

      - Examine existing technology & equipment

   ▪ Customized fixes/solutions/designs

      - Changing out any existing systems in a cost-effective manner, special rigs, out-of-the-box thinking to reformat
        any inefficiencies


Management services with continued monitoring

   ▪ Personnel Training - we work with pre-existing staff on corporate structure and modified procedures 

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