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Our introductory package has been crafted for new and existing facilities that want to ignite and fully maximize their growing capabilities. No stone will be left unturned as we perform a comprehensive survey of the entire operation and plans, reviewing personnel, processes, and equipment. Designed to identify problems and illuminate pathways to success, Surreal Yields will deliver realistic constructive criticism and a basic cost analysis to assist in implementing the needed changes. 


Comprehensive review of new and established grow facilities through 3 intensive site visits.
(One up-front and Two follow-up visits)

    ▪ Run a full facility analysis
       - Get to know staff & the positions they hold
       - Review day-to-day procedures
       - Examine existing technology & equipment


   ▪ Identify critical problems and breaking points
       - Determine level of concern for each issue
       - Troubleshoot and develop solutions to remedy each problem


   ▪ Make recommendations to streamline processes


   ▪ Suggest adjusted employee job descriptions & responsibilities

   ▪ Provide basic cost breakdown for any facility upgrades needed 

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