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Ready for a facility overhaul? This package is designed to implement change in every aspect of the grow. This means increasing productivity in all areas, retraining staff on best-practices, and getting strong, individualized SOPs in place for effective processes and procedures. We hone in on the “What” and “How”, and are uniquely poised to provide the “Who” to take your growing operation to new heights. Continued success and surpassing your expectations is the benchmark of a job well done, and no issue is too large for us to tackle and provide a customized, sustainable solution to lift you ahead of the competition.


Comprehensive review of an established or emerging grow facility


   ▪ Run a full facility analysis

      - Get to know staff & the positions they hold

      - Review day-to-day procedures

      - Examine existing technology & equipment


   ▪ Develop an Action Plan to increase efficiencies

      - Define, create, and implement strong cannabis SOPs

      - Develop customized fixes/solutions/designs that translate into cost-effective system changes, special
        proprietary rigs, etc.

      - Access to Surreal Yields’ broad network of experts for streamlined solutions

      - Facility improvements encompassing all Construction and Trade needs (electric, plumbing, HVAC, etc.)


   ▪ Management services with continued monitoring

      - Personnel Training - we work with pre-existing staff on corporate structure and modified procedures

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